Thank you for visiting SweetArgentos. We started in December 2020 in Christchurch, New Zealand,  with the vision of sharing our Argentinian culture through the taste of our biscuits and cookies. It is a pleasure to introduce our traditional flavours full of passion and love!

Our mission goes beyond handmade delicious confections (click menu) for you and those you love. It is about bringing our Whānau and E hoa mā (family and friends in language Maori) together as we also do in Argentina when sharing Alfajores and Mate (tea), the traditional Argentinian beverage. That's what inspires us on our journey, as we believe in creating memories that last a lifetime.

Our Alfajores (biscuits), pronounced "alphawhores", consist of two delicate biscuits made of cacao or vanilla butter, sandwiched together by a layer of our traditional dulce de leche (a creamy caramel confection made from milk and sugar) and hand-dipped entirely in dark or white chocolate with hints of fresh orange, lemon, and honey; while our Argentinian style Masitas (traditional cookies) are made with the most aromatic and delicate vanilla butter, perfectly decorated with dark or white chocolate and colourful sugar sparkles. We create our confections (Vegan and Gluten-free are also available) using the best quality ingredients, taking advantage of those locally produced as well.

Lots of love from the Team.

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The Best Argentinian
Alfajores-biscuits in town.
perfect sweet treat for creating memories that last forever!
We are proud to introduce our traditional 
heritage to Christchurch.

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Argentinian theme Vanilla Butter Alfajores $18 

6 and 12 packs are available

9th of July


Vanilla butter Alfajores 

Enjoy these beautiful and yummy Argentinian Alfajores filled with our traditional Dulce de leche (milk caramel) and a heart of chocolate ganache. Dipped in white chocolate and decorated with sugar and golden sparkles, YUM! 6 & 12 packs are available.  Offer valid until 9th of July or stock lasts.

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Order Dozen Mixed Chocolate Alfajores

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12-Pack Mixed White and Dark Chocolate Alfajores filled with Argentinian Dulce de leche and decorated with chocolate lines and nuts (optional).

* Must pick up from our CBD collection point.

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Drawing of Owl
Drawing of Owl
Argentinian Mixed white and dark chocolate Alfajores
Argentinian Mixed white and dark chocolate Alfajores
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Best seller: Argentinian Mixed white and dark chocolate Alfajores
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Honey Lemon Dark Chocolate Alfajores
Argentinian Mixed white and dark chocolate Alfajores
Chocotorta (Choco-cake) Alfajores
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