We are proud to introduce our traditional Argentinian

sweet heritage

to Christchurch. 

Our confections are handmade 

in small batches

with love and





Thank you for visiting us. We appreciate your interest in learning about our Argentinian culture through the enjoyment of our biscuits and cookies. It is our great pleasure to introduce our traditional flavours to you, full of passion and love!

Our Alfajores, pronounced "alfahores", consist of two delicate biscuits made of cacao or vanilla butter, sandwiched together by a layer of our traditional dulce de leche (a creamy caramel confection made from milk and sugar) and hand-dipped entirely in dark or white chocolate with hints of fresh orange, lemon, and honey; while our Argentinian style Masas (traditional cookies) are made with the most aromatic and delicate vanilla butter, perfectly decorated with dulce de leche, dark or white chocolate and colourful sugar Sparkles. 
We create our confections (Vegan and Gluten-free also available) using the best quality products available in the market, taking advantage of those locally produced as well.


The dedication of making our traditional sweet heritage available through SweetArgentos has one unique goal, bring our Whānau and E hoa mā* together as we also do in Argentina when sharing Alfajores and Mate (tea), the Argentinian most famous beverage around the world.

(*Family and friends in language Maori)

 Whanau and E hoa ma, the Perfect Combination!

Hi! Kia Ora! My name is MariaBella, and my friends call me Mabe. I am a Creative Designer from Argentina, the land of great BBQs and soccer games. Along with my husband, we came to beautiful Aotearoa* following a dream.

Enjoying Christchurch as it was our hometown, we love sharing our
Argentinian culture with Kiwis through sweets. That is how SweetArgentos was created, to share a passion with family and friends and get New Zealanders to appreciate the deliciousness of some of the most traditional confections you commonly find in Argentina just around the corner in a local shop or almost at any kiosk or cafe. 

The family recipes used in our menu are from "El Portal del Noa" (The Portal of Noa) in Argentina and have been passed through generations for over a hundred years. We share the same passion for keeping our family baking traditions alive.  I still remember how my husband's grand grandmother used to bake for us with all her Aroha* every Sunday afternoon. Kisses to you, Nana.

We bake our Alfajores (biscuits) and cookies with love and dedication with the commitment of spreading our Argentinian culture and bring together our Whānau and E hoa mā*, the perfect combination!

A super special thank you to MaferGrafica for putting together our beautiful website.


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 Love and             Kindness

* Maori, traditional New Zeland Language