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Argentinian-style Alfajores at their BEST!
They're the 
perfect artisan
sweet treat to create memories that
will last a
We are proud to introduce our traditional heritage
to Christchurch.

Sweetargentos means Argentinian-style Alfajores at their BEST! With a vision to share our culture through artisan baked-to-order Alfajores (biscuits) and Masitas (cookies), we opened our online shop based in Christchurch, New Zealand, in December 2020.  In addition to local collection and delivery, we also ship our Alfajores nationwide, to Australia, the UK and now the USA.

Our Alfajores, which are pronounced "al.-fa.-ho-eres", consist of two delicate melt-in-your-mouth Argentinian-style biscuits made of a tasty combination of vanilla butter, citrus, lemon, and honey notes, sandwiched together with the traditional Dulce de leche (a caramel confection made from milk and sugar) and then hand-dipped in dark or white chocolate.  New: Gluten-free Belgian 56% Dark chocolate is now available.

Our Masitas Argentinian-style cookies, are the most delicious buttery biscuits, similar to Viennese sable cookies, perfectly decorated with chocolate and colourful sugar sparkles. 

We use the highest quality ingredients to create our confections including vegan (dairy and egg-free), and gluten-free.  Sweetargentos is a Christchurch Vegan Society Business Member.

We are committed to providing you and your loved ones with more than just delicious handmade treats. It is about bringing our Whānau and E hoa mā* together (*family and friends in the Maori language) as we do in Argentina when enjoying Alfajores and Mate, the traditional Argentinian tea, as we believe in creating memories that last a lifetime.

10% Off Xmas selection

ridiculously fudgy!


Brownie Bars

Our decadent, rich, moist, and fudgy chocolate brownie bars are to die for! They come with a thick layer of Argentinian dulce de leche running through the middle...! Whaaat? Oh yes, the dulce de leche takes these brownie bars to a whole new level! You'll get the perfect combination of chocolate and dulce de leche with every bite! Approximated 665 gr. They come decorated specially for the occasion with a milk chocolate mini Santa, dulce de leche rosettes and sugar sparkles. Wow!

the Best in town!

Xmas Limited Edition



These shiny and beautiful flower-shaped alfajores are the perfect gift this Christmas season! Made with butterscotch orange cookies, they are filled with Argentinian dulce de leche (Argentinian milk caramel confection) and a centre of the most delicious raspberry fruit jam, wow! Dipped in white chocolate and decorated with golden sparkles, Chilean raspberries and pistachios.

6 and 12-pack are available. 

CRINKLE COOKIES orange | sweetargentos

pillowy soft 



Soft, chewy and full of orange flavor, our Crinkle Cookies will brighten your days during this holiday season with no doubt! You won't believe how these pillowy cookies with slightly crisp edges will melt in your mouth!

enjoy this holiday season

XMAS Mini-Alfajores

filled with dulce de leche

This Xmas version of our traditional Mixed Chocolate Mini-Alfajores, specially decorated for the occasion, is made with orange vanilla butter cookies and filled with Argentinian dulce de leche. These festive and cute alfajores will be the joy of your family and friends this holiday season. Yes!

Xmas Mini-Alfajores filled with dulce de leche | Xmas Menu | Sweetargentos | Christchurch

pillowy soft 



No holiday get-together will be complete without trying our Chocolate Crinkle Cookies, oh yes! They come with the perfect balance between an ultra-fudgy and decadent chocolate interior and a sweet crinkled in the outside! Wow!

CRINKLE COOKIES  chocolate | sweetargentos

 Don’t take it from us – here’s what our customers have to say about our Alfajores!

I’d never tried alfajores before. They were incredible! Both beautiful and delicious. They came in a box with a see-through panel so I could admire their chocolatey goodness before giving way to temptation. I love that they’re made with almond flour. It gives them a real depth of flavour and wonderful texture. I also bought some for my vegan friend as a gift and she was thrilled.
Alex from Christchurch
5stars google reviews | sweetargentos | best alfajores in christchurch, nz

 Love and             Kindness

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