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  • Do you offer pick up service?
    Yes, we do from our CBD Collection Point located at Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011.
  • Do you offer local delivery?
    Yes, we do. Approximately 5km around Christchurch Central. Please verify your address is available during the purchase process. If your address isn't listed, please get in touch with us :)
  • How much do you charge for local delivery?
    We charge a $7 flat rate
  • What days of the week do you offer delivery?
    From Tuesday to Friday after 5:00 PM
  • What days of the week do you offer pickup?
    Tuesday to Friday from 12-6 PM
  • Do you offer nationwide shipping?
    Yes, we do through the NZ Post.
  • Do you ship outside New Zealand?
    Yes, to Australia through the NZ Post.
  • How long does it take to deliver nationwide?
    We use the NZ Post "Next business day delivery" service. Non-signature required
  • What days of the week do you offer shipping services?
    From Tuesday to Thursday
  • Do you offer wholesale prices?
    Yes, we do. We have a discount scale from 1-50, 51-100 and +101 units. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
  • How long does it take to process and order?
    It depends on the quantity. Pickup and Delivery from 1-2 days and Catering and Wholesale from 3-5 days.
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