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Hola, Kia Ora, Hi! My name is MariaBella, and my friends call me MaBe. 

I am a Creative Designer from Argentina, the land of tasty BBQs, Messi, and soccer games.

Everything started after the first Covid lockdown here in New Zealand when we decided to bake some Alfajores for our own enjoyment. We then baked more to share with our families, both Argentinian and Kiwi, and then with our neighbors and friends. 


After a hugely positive response and dedication, we opened our online store based in Christchurch, New Zealand in December 2020 just in time for Christmas!

Our Story

Enjoying an Alfajor is about more than just the sweet treat itself. It's about bringing people together. Luckily, at Sweetargentos, we have both covered. 

Traditonal Argentinian Alfajores by Sweetargentos | Chrstchurch, NZ

What makes our Alfajores authentic is they are made with traditional recipes from my husband's family's baking heritage from el "Portal del NOA" (where NOA stands for the Argentine North West Region), also for the high-quality ingredients we use and by all means, the love and passion we feel when sharing probably the most traditional Argentinian confection... Yes, you're right, Alfajores!

dairy free and egg free vegan alfajores by sweetargentos, christchurch nz

Our Argentinian-style Alfajores are the perfect accompaniment to your morning tea, coffee or Mate (our famous Argentinian tea), as a dessert or why not as a snack to be enjoyed during your afternoon break or at any time of the day!

A super special thank you to MaferGrafica for putting together our beautiful website.

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