Hi! Kia Ora! My name is MariaBella, and my friends call me Mabe. I am a Creative Designer from Argentina, the land of great BBQs and soccer games. Along with my husband, we came to beautiful Aotearoa* following a dream.

Enjoying Christchurch as it was our hometown, we love sharing our
Argentinian culture with Kiwis through sweets. That is how SweetArgentos was created, to share a passion with family and friends and get New Zealanders to appreciate the deliciousness of some of the most traditional confections you commonly find in Argentina just around the corner in a local shop or almost at any kiosk or cafe. 

The family recipes used in our menu (click to go) are from "El Portal del Noa"-The Portal of Noa in Argentina and have been passed through generations for over a hundred years. We share the same passion for keeping our family baking traditions alive.  I still remember how my husband's grand grandmother used to bake for us with all her Aroha* every Sunday afternoon. Kisses to you, Nana.

A super special thank you to MaferGrafica for putting together our beautiful website.



rateful for the opportunity to live in beautiful Aotearoa and coming from Argentina, I started to think about how I could introduce a bit of our sweet culture to this amazing country. This is how the magical journey of SweetArgentos took shape, by sharing the love and passion of our traditional confections with our Kiwi family and friends.


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Traditional Argentinian Alfajores | Christchurch
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