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Always feeling thankful for our new lifestyle with the perfect balance between family and work, I happily started baking handmade Alfajores and pastries for my family first and then I also introduced them to my Latin friends. Surprisingly the acceptance was huge! probably because it is lovely to feel what keeps you closer to your roots.

Without hesitation, this feeling full of passion and love is what makes our Argentinian traditions extremely valuable. Now, it is our honour to share our culture by introducing these sweet flavours to you and experience the same magical effect of bringing together our Whānau and E hoa mā*.  

SweetArgentos is not a commercial shop, neither you'll find our confections in the stores. Is the word of mouth coming from You, our Family, and Friends what keeps us busy sharing our culture and traditional values. We bake in small batches, always choosing the best natural and local ingredients like the famous Manuka honey or the most tasteful creamy butter in the world, of course from our Canterbury backyard.

Thank you for supporting this amazing journey, we believe in sharing stories and making memories that are lasting and impactful :-)


* Maori is one of the national languages in New Zealand

rateful for the opportunity to live in beautiful Aotearoa and being myself from Argentina, I started to think about how I could introduce a bit of my culture to this amazing country. That is how the magical journey of SweetArgentos took shape, by sharing the love and passion of our 

traditional sweets with our Kiwi family and friends.

 Love and             Kindness

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 Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY

From 12:00 - 6:30 pm

Shipping locally and within NZ

 Using New Zealand Post*

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Monday to Friday

12:00 - 6:30 pm

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